Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week in review Wednesday...

This has been a nice week...nothing big happened..yeah! I got alot of house work done, and alot of my grocery shopping. Couponing really is addicting and can be time consuming if you let it...but I have extra $$$$$$ money in my wallet. every little bit helps and a vacation may actually be possible soon.
365 this week has been easy....not even like a has definetly become a habit. The kids are even asking every night before bed if I have my picture. Here is this last weeks worth....

Day 25-We had a nasty rainy evening with tornadoes around and strong winds and rain. We even cooked and ate dinner around 4, just in case we lost electricity.

Day 24---this could be any day after school for her. She always has on her band sweatshirt and checks the mail after school everyday.
Day 23--- Kimmy loves walking Mollie. Ms. Loretta was feeling under the weather and asked if Kimmy would come walk Mollie for her.....of course she loves doing this...and Mollie does too.
Day 22---- really???? Hot chocolate in a margarita glass......only you! Gotta love it
Day 21-- I actually convinced dh to go on a date night, so I had Amanda snap this shot before we left.
Day 20----Manda teaching Kimmy how to do crunches the right way..... this should be interesting
Day 19--- Amanda being a great big sis and ppainting Kimmy's nails......tooo bad Kimmy was not so nice on the recieving end. Because she was not getting the exact design she wanted.

Worked an extra shift today so that I can have Friday off...that means lots of extra scrapping for me.....keep your eyes open.

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