Wednesday, January 11, 2012

At this moment.....

Listening .....
Amanda wash the dishes.
Still my work clothes, and slippers.
ooey gooey too sweet chocolate dessert I made. 
to take a hot shower and go to bed. 
to do more laundry.
what to do this weekend.

This is where I am at .....
at this moment.

My mom was doing some deep cleaning
She brought over a few of my things. 
They became my photo for the day.
My Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls.
January 10
Then today......
was taken by Kimmy.
A photo of me. 
January 11

Monday, January 9, 2012

Manic Monday

That was today.
Girls went back to school.
Had to teach some classes today.
Do not know what happened to the rest of the day.
Do you ever have days like that?
Weekend was great.
Still adjusting to working a real schedule.
I have been consistent(my OLW 2012).
In making my girls do their chores.
In getting the house in order.
In my Capture my 365.
In my scrapping. 
Finished another layout.
Have my whole first week of CM365 done.
In the album.
Here is the last few days.
Took the weekend off from the computer. 
 January 6
                                                                     January 7

                                                                     January 8
January 9
I need to learn to slow down.
When I am taking my pictures. 
I know the girls do not always want to have a photo taken.
So I try to hurry.
But I am getting blurry images. 
I need to slow down. 
They will enjoy the extra second some day.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5.......

 Kids need to go back to school.
Week almost over. 
Picture for today.
Hubby paying Bejeweled. 
His favorite thing to do,
on a quiet evening at home.
No scrapping for me tonight.
Laundry won out. 
January 5

In my blog surfing today.
Found the perfect quote.
Posted By Katrina Kennedy
I even put it on a sticky note on my computer. 
“In the ordinary moments of our lives is really where we can find the most joy.” Brene Brown

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Hump Day...

Woke to an icy day. 
20 degrees. 
In Florida.
My little piggys have been chillly all day.
The day came and almost went and I still did not have a picture for today.
Nothing was inspiring me. 
I took a long hot bath.
I walked out to find one daughter making homemade chocolate kisses.
The other all wrapped up in a blanket with hot coccoa.
Watching her favorite movie/musical.
Mama Mia!----
Inspiration and opportunity was all around.
I took 42 pictures.
Thats what we photogs do.
I decided on one that may not show exactly what was happening.
But her personality is shining. 

January 4
How are you doing on your 365?
Have you started? 
Are you behind? 
Do you already feel overwhelmed?
And take a photo. 
You can start anytime you want.
Every photo captures a moment....
A moment that only happens once.
A photo does not have to be perfect,
to be wonderful.
My photo for today is far from even good.
But to me it is...fabulous.
It captures a moment in her life. 
A little bit of who she is.
It shows our real life.
This is why I am doing Capture my 365/Project Life.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy 1st Tuesday of 2012!!!!

So far it has been a great year.
Boss took us out to lunch today.
Girls spent the day  with their grandparents.
BLT's for dinner..atleast for me.
Every else ate out.
Switched at Birth tonight.
Working on a layout with this sketch.
Managed to make it another day with my Capture 365.
Took this one early this morning.
Kimmy looking around the shower curtain to say goodbye to me.
Guess I really need to clean their shower. 
January 3

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Monday!

First day back to work.
It was a good day. 
It was a short day because it is still a holiday. 
Kids are still home from school.
Weather is turning colder.
No more shorts for the rest of this week.
Dinner .....from Taste of Home. Bacon Cheddar Chicken
My 2nd picture of the day...taken.
Kimmy quietly working on a drawing.
A hot air balloon for my grandpa.
Possibility it will accompany his birthday gift.
January 2
Layouts are coming.
Did some re-arranging tonight.
All the kids are home off to chill and watch a movie.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

It has been a nice calm day.
Went grocery shopping.
Made a nice pot of beef stew. 
Scrapped 2 pages. 
I scrapped.
For the first time in months.
Was going to upload.
Then realized I have a new printer and computer.
I have not uploaded the programs I need yet. 
Maybe after work tomorrow.
I did take my 1st picture of the year. 
The first for my capture my 365.
I wanted a family photo.
But family would not cooperate.
I did manage a photo of Amanda.
A normal teen. In her favorite place. 
On the computer.
With her headphones on.
Listening to music.
Maybe another day I will get the family shot. 
Just Maybe!
But in the meantime. 
Here is my day 1.
It may not be the way I wanted it to be. 
But atleast I started. 
And I have to remember each shot will not be perfect. 
The process will not be perfect. 
But, I will still continue. 
I have to learn that everything does not have to be perfect. 

Friday, December 30, 2011

12 in 12

I like to have resolutions for the new year, but I do not like calling them resolutions.
I prefer to not really call them anything.  

This year I am referring to them as my 12 in12.

1. Cook at least one new recipe each month.
2.Scrapbook at least one page per week. 
3. Complete my capture my life 365 plus one..
4. Finish 8 more classes towards my degree.
5.See the sunrise on the coast and the sunset on the other coast all in one day.
( I live in Florida so this is achievable)
6.Get and keep my house visitor ready.
7. Go camping.
8.Have dessert at Bern's Steakhouse.( Cherries Jubilee or Bananas Foster)
9. Go to a fair/carnival and ride the Ferris Wheel.
10.Spend quality time with my girls.
11. Have a savings account, with money in it.
12. Go to New Orleans. The place where I was born.

These are in particular order.
None is more important than the next. 
They are just my 12 in 12. 
Wish me luck on my journey to complete them, or on my attempt to be consistent in my journey to complete them.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Color me Crazy......

I must be crazy.
My husband is not going to be happy.
The girls have both wanted some color in their hair.
For some reason I agreed. 
It is not permanent right?

This is what little girls are made of......
These are going to be fun to scrap.
I am thinking a grungy kinda page. 

What else did I do today?
Play on the computer.
Made dinner. 
A new recipe.
From Pinterest.
See you tomorrow.
I need sleep.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Starting again?

I know I do this every few months. I start and everything is going great and then all of a sudden....boom..I stop. Well, I am going to start again. Will be things be different this time? I really hope so. That is part of my 2012...One little word. Consistency! I need more consistency in my life. My kids need me to be more consistent. My work needs me to be more consistent. Will I succeed? It is not always about the destination or the completion, but about the journey I will take to get there.

    One more thing I will be working on is my Capture 365 plus 1. I have started this the last 2 years and again, I have never been consistent with it. But, when I look back at the photos I do have, it inspires me to go for it again. I think I am a bit better organized and a bit more planned out than I have been in past years. I have a visible display area for them in my home, that I am hoping will be my daily reminder.