Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday faves

Let me start off with I wish I was here:

But since I am not I thought the least I could do is share a few of my favorite things coming out at the show.First off by Crate paper is this amazing line called Boarding Pass
Next up is from Cosmo Cricket and is called Social Club...totally reminds me of my grandmother. Both the name and the is a must have for me,
along with this one called Upcycle. I am loving Cosmo this year!
There are many many more and I can see I am going to be working lots of overtime in the next few weeks....thankfully I am couponing more now and that should help.

some currents for right now...
LISTENING...the birds in the backyard chirping...there must be a couple hundred of them back there right now.( if only the neighbors dog would stop barking) Dr. new fave
WISHING....I was at CHA do laundry...wish I had a maid just for that
DREAMING...of winning tickets to see Reba in concert tomorrow night( I would so call in sick for that)
SMILING....because there is no reason not to

This weekend I am PLANNING ON....

nothing because I will be working.
I will be organizing my week ahead and making a grocery list.....

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

PS..check back in later...A CHERRY ON TOP has some news...and I may have a few layouts to go with that news....just saying.......

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Week in review Wednesday...

This has been a nice week...nothing big happened..yeah! I got alot of house work done, and alot of my grocery shopping. Couponing really is addicting and can be time consuming if you let it...but I have extra $$$$$$ money in my wallet. every little bit helps and a vacation may actually be possible soon.
365 this week has been easy....not even like a has definetly become a habit. The kids are even asking every night before bed if I have my picture. Here is this last weeks worth....

Day 25-We had a nasty rainy evening with tornadoes around and strong winds and rain. We even cooked and ate dinner around 4, just in case we lost electricity.

Day 24---this could be any day after school for her. She always has on her band sweatshirt and checks the mail after school everyday.
Day 23--- Kimmy loves walking Mollie. Ms. Loretta was feeling under the weather and asked if Kimmy would come walk Mollie for her.....of course she loves doing this...and Mollie does too.
Day 22---- really???? Hot chocolate in a margarita glass......only you! Gotta love it
Day 21-- I actually convinced dh to go on a date night, so I had Amanda snap this shot before we left.
Day 20----Manda teaching Kimmy how to do crunches the right way..... this should be interesting
Day 19--- Amanda being a great big sis and ppainting Kimmy's nails......tooo bad Kimmy was not so nice on the recieving end. Because she was not getting the exact design she wanted.

Worked an extra shift today so that I can have Friday off...that means lots of extra scrapping for me.....keep your eyes open.

Family Keepsakes reveal

Monday my reveal of WRMK's Family Keepsakes line went live over ACOT.

I had a great time with these papers, the colors are really really fantastic. My favorite project has to be the altered/rejuvinated chalkboard that I made for my kitchen.
I love my orangey/rust colored walls....but they make for horrid photos.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Where did last week go?

So much for Thanksday and Friday faves blogging. The week disappeared right before my eyes and I am not even sure what I accomplished.

Will be better this week I hope. Stay tuned for my reveal at A Cherry on Top tomorrow. Also a few layouts I have finished for some sketch challenges and another week in review on Wednesday. Plus, who knows what Jess has in store for us on our blogging challenge this week.
It should be interseting.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week in review Wednesday...

Project 365 is really going well. I love having a buddy to help keep me on track. I have even convinced a fried at work to give this a try...Go for it Kami, you will not regret it.

Day 11-- finally out of my phone( thanks to Ashley) is Amanda bagging groceries at Sweetbay...good practice for a future job. I may have to show this picture to some grocery store

Day 12-
Amanda and mom having a final fitting for her guard costume. Thanks for making this mom!
Day 13- A positive behavior note from Kimmy's 2nd grade teacher. She adores him so this really means alot to her.
day 14- yep he did it. I should know better than to let him out of the house to visit Casey. Dan is loving his new 60 inch baby, with internet and Netflix already in the tv.

Day 15- Amanda smiling from ear to ear with pure happiness after completing her first guard competition and she had no drops!

Day 16- I scream, You scream we all scream for Ice cream....yes even in January!....we do live in Florida remember.
Day 17- came home from work to Kimmy asking me if she was old enough to start shaving her legs......after telling her that it would be soon, she said oops....she had already done it.
Day 19- Kimmy made Safety Patrol...she is loving wearing her florescent yellow belt.

Off to wake up Amanda, she has been asleep since ten last night......cold cold go away please!

Also need to finish up some laundry and get started on the baked ziti for dinner tonight.
Stay tuned tomorrow for some layouts and Thanksday.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sketchy inspiration....

Jess over at A Cherry On Top has issued a blogging challenge to keep us all blogging right along through this new year. Each week she gives us a list of ideas or prompts for us to use on our blogs. This week one of her prompts is about what inspires US creatively. Currently sketches and sketch blogs have really been helping spark my mojo. I tend to take a sketch....print it out and start drawing and adding notes all over it. It looks like a disaster when I am done sometimes. Then I peg it in front of my desk and get to work. My end result does not always even resemble the sketch I started with, but it is a big inspiration in many of my layouts.

Here is an example of how a sketch inspired me this week. As soon as I saw this weeks Sketchy Thursday sketch I knew exactly what photos I wanted to use. I was drawn to the vertical lines and the photo placement, even thought I ended up only using 3 photos.
Crossing the line is about Kimmy's first time out of the state of Florida, something she had wanted and dreamed about for a long long time.

Here is the sketch:

and my layout:

Lately, I have also been inspired by linear, straight clean line layouts. Especially those of the fabulously talented Julie Bonner. She is my go to scrapper of the moment when I need a pick me up or a bit of inspiration. I am sure you can see much of her inspiration in my recent layouts.....okay I down right copied(lifted) many of her ideas and designs. She also just happens to be a superb sketch artist. You have to check her out...I know you will be inspired too.

Tonight I will be working on a layout using the fabulous new line Be Mine by Echo Park. I already have all the papers, embellies and pictures spread across my desk. I had every intention of working on it last night, but science fair procedures and deadlines got in my way. LOL

Check back tomorrow for my week in review for my P365... I have not missed a day yet and I psyched that a good start will help me continue on the path to a good year.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays....

I woke to rolling thunder this morning. It is still dark and dreary and will probably be that way all day today. It is a good day to be at work. I never accomplish anything at home on days like this. It is blanket and movie weather.

On a sunnier note...Amanda and the SHS guard Premiere went really well on Saturday. I love the yellow sunshiney flags..they just make you happy! She was so nervous but she whirled and twirled with no drops! even on the sabre.

We learned a few things along the way...

--how to apply makeup in the back of a moving van.

--trying to seat 17 people together for dinner on a Saturday night without a reservation( even at a buffet) is not happening!

--3 different gps's(although the same brand) give 3 different sets of directions to the same Atleast we all got there!

Here are a few pics of the weekend event.

On my plate for tonight is add ing the finishing touches to this weeks Sketchy Thursday sketch. Hubby promised the house would be clean clean when I get home!

Menu Monday...

Monday--Dan cooks tacos

Tuesday--Dan cooks Chicken noodle soup

Wednesday --Baked Ziti

Thursday-- Dan grills ?????

Friday-- Dan orders in

Saturday-- Larry's Cubans!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

BIG BIG NEWS and a Bo-Bunny Sketch

Big big news.......No I am not brother is moving out and getting his own place. yes....just in time for his 33rd birthday! LOL
It is almost sad in a way...the only time we really talk is when I see him at my parents, and now he wont be there. He is growing up....a real job and a house!

Since we are on the subject of my little bro I thought I would do a layout about him... I love this weeks sketch by Bo-Bunny and decided to use it to create my layout.

He is big into running, biking and little triathlete!
this year he participated in the Cooter ( meaning turtle... get your head out of the Triathlon and he finished first in his division. This was the first time he finished first. Way to go little bro....really proud of you!

Used Bo- Bunny block party for this. Love the blues and greens along with the stars.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Caught some scrappy time

Finally, I got some mojo back and found some time to get some scrapping done. I am so much happier when I get atleast a litte time to do this.
This one was just for fun... used up my last scraps of BoBunny on this one. I just love these colors togather.

Another one just for me.... used up some of the last of my BG on this one.

This one is for this months sketch challenge at ACOT. What a great sketh this month! How many challenges do you have finished? This is the inly one I have gotten to so far.

Faves on Friday and a layout

It is Friday! Hooray! I have the weekend off....tomorrow is Amanda's first Winter Guard competition in Oviedo. I thought I would spend some time on Fridays listing my faves for the week.
Starting with currents....
Listening...Amanda and Dan try to set up our new tv
Eating.... Pizza from Dominos.....ham and black olives get a good nights sleep
Needing...a maid to sweep and mop my floors
Hoping....that tomorrow is a terrific day and Amanda has no drops

My five favorite lines so far from all the CHA sneeks
1. Jillibean Soup Dutch Mustard Soup
2.MME Stella and Rose Mabel3. Studio Calico State the Best in show paper
4. Pink Paislee Hometown Summer
5. Graphic 45 Curtain Call

Now for a layout I did for Sassy Lil Sketches first sketch of the new year.

Here is the layout that I did about my dad coming to eat lunch with Kimmy for her holiday meal. This was the first time he had ever gone to school and eaten with anyone...the perks of

Sketchy Thursday

I finally found some time to be creative today, and work on some scrapbook pages. I decided to start first with a sketch from Sketchy will find fabulous sketches and inspiration there every week. Head on over and check them out if you have not before, you will be impressed.

Here is this weeks sketch:

and my take in it. Amanda received a Sony E-reader for her birthday. She loves to read from it.

can't wait for the next sketch tomorrow. Hoping that with this being a new year I can complete atleast two sketches every month...maybe more.

P365 update

I have been doing great getting all my pictures. I am really loving the buddy thing, and the daily post from A Cherry on Top.

Day 11-
working on getting it out of my phone....
It is an impromptu photo of Amanda bagging my groceries for me at Sweetbay.

Day 10-
Kimmy's new high top sneakers. She was so excited to get them.

Day 9-\Kimmy made waffles for me and her for breakfast. Of course hers have fresh blueberries on top.

Day 8-
My scrappy space, shared with my bedroom. Yes, I know it is a mess and unorganized. You should see it after I am done scrapping.

day 7-
My debit card and lace samples needed for Amanda's color guard uniform. After a trip to Tampa and not being able to find, ordered it over the phone...$85.00 for 2 yards. She better love for this. My wedding entire gown did not cost that much

Day 6-
Our backyard was full of little birds. Kimberly grabbed some bread, her binoculars and her bird book and had a terrific afternoon.

Day 5-
It is a good thing Dan did not see Puddin stealing my Chicken and dumplings from the table.
At least she liked them...nobody else did.....we ended up order