Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday faves

Let me start off with I wish I was here:

But since I am not I thought the least I could do is share a few of my favorite things coming out at the show.First off by Crate paper is this amazing line called Boarding Pass
Next up is from Cosmo Cricket and is called Social Club...totally reminds me of my grandmother. Both the name and the is a must have for me,
along with this one called Upcycle. I am loving Cosmo this year!
There are many many more and I can see I am going to be working lots of overtime in the next few weeks....thankfully I am couponing more now and that should help.

some currents for right now...
LISTENING...the birds in the backyard chirping...there must be a couple hundred of them back there right now.( if only the neighbors dog would stop barking) Dr. new fave
WISHING....I was at CHA do laundry...wish I had a maid just for that
DREAMING...of winning tickets to see Reba in concert tomorrow night( I would so call in sick for that)
SMILING....because there is no reason not to

This weekend I am PLANNING ON....

nothing because I will be working.
I will be organizing my week ahead and making a grocery list.....

Hope you all have a terrific weekend!

PS..check back in later...A CHERRY ON TOP has some news...and I may have a few layouts to go with that news....just saying.......

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  1. I wish I was at CHA too! I really like the lines you picked...especially since I haven't even seen the ones from Cosmo! Fantastic choices! And I hope you get those tickets! I LOVE Reba!