Monday, January 17, 2011

Rainy Days and Mondays....

I woke to rolling thunder this morning. It is still dark and dreary and will probably be that way all day today. It is a good day to be at work. I never accomplish anything at home on days like this. It is blanket and movie weather.

On a sunnier note...Amanda and the SHS guard Premiere went really well on Saturday. I love the yellow sunshiney flags..they just make you happy! She was so nervous but she whirled and twirled with no drops! even on the sabre.

We learned a few things along the way...

--how to apply makeup in the back of a moving van.

--trying to seat 17 people together for dinner on a Saturday night without a reservation( even at a buffet) is not happening!

--3 different gps's(although the same brand) give 3 different sets of directions to the same Atleast we all got there!

Here are a few pics of the weekend event.

On my plate for tonight is add ing the finishing touches to this weeks Sketchy Thursday sketch. Hubby promised the house would be clean clean when I get home!

Menu Monday...

Monday--Dan cooks tacos

Tuesday--Dan cooks Chicken noodle soup

Wednesday --Baked Ziti

Thursday-- Dan grills ?????

Friday-- Dan orders in

Saturday-- Larry's Cubans!!!!!!!!!! Yummy!!!!!!!


  1. Those are great pics of your dd performing! She will have such great memories of this time.

  2. Those are AWESOME photos! On the weather, we had gorgeous 80-degree weather here in SoCal! *heeheehee*