Sunday, February 27, 2011

Doctor Doctor

give me the news...... Kimmy is not the Queen of Operation. She got this game last year for Christmas, played it with us one night, could not get anything out without it buzzing. It has been in the closet ever since. We used to play this game all the time......atleast I managed to take a picture the one time she did play it.

Used up some of my scraps from the KaiserCraft Seaside line.

Got Chocolate????

My Mind's Eye hosted a sketch challenge last week, and though I did not complete my layout for the challenge, I loved ths sketch and used it for this photo of Kimmy from 2003...she was a whole 4 years old. How sweet she was.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sketchy Thursday.....

I love the sketch this week from Sketchy of my favorite sketch sites. I wanted to do something happy and bright. I just got these new papers from Teresa Collins and love the orange and pink color combination. I used some strand beads that I have had forever and also some pictures of Amanda from her second year of dance.....she looks so small and yet so much the same.

Feeling a little Sassy......

As soon as I saw this Sassy Lil sketch I had a million ideas in my head.....although the layout I completed is nothing like any of them. Isn't it weird how sometimes you see one thing and think you know where you are going and end up in a whole different place. They always say a sketch is just a starting point, a piece of inspiration....use it however you want. Well this is very different from the sketch, but I promise it was the basis for this layout. I love the color of this KaiserCraft Seaside line. The primary colors looked great with these photos of Kimmy .....jumping and bouncing galore at the mall bouncing thing.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Monday.......

It is a moody Monday here...I am a bit under the weather, looks like I manager to acquire the girls had last week.

Had a great Saturday at Plant City High School for guard competition. The girls took 2nd place again.....really proud of all of them. Amanda had no drops or misses, though she did have one bobble but managed to keep her composure. Pictures below are mostly for Grandma as is the video at the bottom.

It is Monday, so that means it is Meal Plan day

Monday...whatever you can find because I am not cooking tonight
Tuesday...Daddy is cooking
Wednesday... Skillet lasagna
Thursday...Baked Pork Chops
Friday...Chicken Enchilada or Chimichangas
Saturday and Sunday....daddy is cooking

Friday, February 18, 2011


today was a weird can tell it is a Full Moon Friday.
I went into work, but was sent home early. Partly because of census and partly because if my horrid spider bite.

Dan had to have his truck towed home on a flatbed....lucky we have AAA. It looks like it will not be to bad of a fix...some kind of heater hose broke.

Amanda is having her friend Hannah spend the night...last time that happened our whole world exploded...although it really had nothing to do with her...she just got caught in the middle.

I did manage to get all of my p365 photos uploaded here we go.

Day 47- we have street lights on our street, a good and bad thing all at the same time.

Day 46--my spider bite,,,they think it is a brown widow. All I know is it hurts and keeps getting bigger.
Day 45--Amanda stayed up to almost 11 pm finishing Kimmy's science project for her. Just the gluing of the board, Kimmy did all the work, What a great big sister.
Day 44--Dan and Kimmy at Texas Roadhouse on our impromptu Valentine's dinner. It even came with free appetizers, because they thought they were running behind...we did not even complain or think they were taking a long time.
Day43- This is what I found carved into the ice on my window when I got up to take Amanda to practice this morning.
Day 42-- This is what was on my fridge this morning....looks like mr. Lead Foot was driving again.
Day 41- Kimmy curles up on Buddy and Beau reading her new book.
Day 40--my favorite radio station. It is always on in my truck.
Day 39- Amanda home sick on the couch.
Day 38- Our Valnetines "mantle"..actually piano top.
Day 37--- a happy Sunday morning with the paper in the driveway. Thanks Mom and Dad for a great gift!
Day 36--The Springstead Eagles Winter Guard after completing their first competition...took 2nd place! Way to go all!
Day 35-- Kimmy walking into Grandma's to spend the night.
Day 34--Amanda taping her and white. Grandpa's old school colors.....or Jets colors according to her.
Day 33--The gummi bear project.....will they grow??????

Day 32--Sushi for dinner.....yuck! But Amanda is loving every bite!
Day 31- Kimmy, Kleenex, and Puddin....all curled up and feeling under the weather.
Day 30--First time ever doing Outback to go...and the last. Now I remember why we never eat here.
Day 29-- Kimmy had a blast getting and opening and playing with her Valentine's card from Grandma was interactive!
Day 28-- Amanda and I having a girls night dinner at TGIF...had a great night and a good talk.
Day 27-- Helping out a friend in need...what he always does. Jumping Jimmy's truck..and it worked.
Day 26--Report card day....for better or worse.

THINKING--- I really need a hot shower and sleep.
LISTENING---the dishwasher...we really need to get it fixed, or get a new one.
WEARING-- my favorite old navy flannel bottoms and tank
DRINKING---caffeine free diet is too late for anything else
HOPING-- tomorrow is a great competition and Amanda does not have any drops or misses.

Be back on Sunday or Monday with all the layouts I completed today and an update on the vehicles and how competition went. Hope you have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tackeling Tuesday....

I cannot believe another week has gotten away from me. I had a fabulous Valentine's day yesterday. My dear hubby went out and bought me a sub from my favorite cheesesteak place and brought it to work to eat lunch with me. Then, our census dropped and I got to go home early.....had to work on Kimmy's science project with her so this was a good thing. Went to a quick little guard parent meeting about finals and then to an impromptu dinner at Texas Roadhouse. They felt like it took them to long to get us our appetizers( we did not, and did not complain or anything) so they took them off our bill. Then home and up till midnight finishing Kimmy's project...but it looks good.

Thought the phone might ring this moprning and I would get cancelled, but no such luck. So here I sit, at work, blogging away. I so wish I could upload my photos from here. Need to remeber to put them in my online picasa so I can do this.

I finished a few layouts this week and will be sharing tomorrow and Thursday. If you have not already...make sure you check out the sketch-a-thon going on over at My Sketch World. They have tons of awesome sketches u p and you have until March 3rd to get them finished and uploaded.

Jess has posted some awesome new prompts for the bloggers of A Cherry On Top....make sure you head over and check them out.

Tune in tommorow for week in review, layouts, and maybe a few other random things.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Sunday!!!!!!!! is that time of year again....Superbowl Sunday! I am a football fantatic...I really love the sport. So who am I routing for this year????? I really do not care who long as the score ends with the pakers having a 3 or 9 and the Steelers having a 7or long as that happens and it is a good game I will be happy.

Yes, it has been awhikle since I updated but my internet service was out all of last week. I will be back in the morning with tons of updates and pictures.

While I was away we added 4 new CT members over at ACOT! I want to send a big welcome out to

Rachel---Happayscrappay-- you can find her blog here

Chrissy--- ChrissyTina-- you can also find her blog here

Carrie---Carrie123 ---- you can find her blog here

Mandi--- Averys_mom---- you can find her blog here

So happy to have you all as a part of our great team!