Wednesday, January 12, 2011

P365 update

I have been doing great getting all my pictures. I am really loving the buddy thing, and the daily post from A Cherry on Top.

Day 11-
working on getting it out of my phone....
It is an impromptu photo of Amanda bagging my groceries for me at Sweetbay.

Day 10-
Kimmy's new high top sneakers. She was so excited to get them.

Day 9-\Kimmy made waffles for me and her for breakfast. Of course hers have fresh blueberries on top.

Day 8-
My scrappy space, shared with my bedroom. Yes, I know it is a mess and unorganized. You should see it after I am done scrapping.

day 7-
My debit card and lace samples needed for Amanda's color guard uniform. After a trip to Tampa and not being able to find, ordered it over the phone...$85.00 for 2 yards. She better love for this. My wedding entire gown did not cost that much

Day 6-
Our backyard was full of little birds. Kimberly grabbed some bread, her binoculars and her bird book and had a terrific afternoon.

Day 5-
It is a good thing Dan did not see Puddin stealing my Chicken and dumplings from the table.
At least she liked them...nobody else did.....we ended up order

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