Sunday, January 2, 2011

One little word for 2011

Have you chosen yours yet???? It took a little thought but I have finally chosen mine

Always aim at complete harmony of thought, word and deed.
This is the quote that sparked my word for this year. I have a few more that I am sure I will be posting periodically.

harmony --noun
a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts; congruity.

right now my thoughts, words and deeds are not even in the same key, similar to an elementary school band, each doing their own part but no two in agreement. How do I plan to achieve this harmony? through lots of trial and error I am sure...and then lots of practice. In being clear in my thoughts, saying what I am thinking and assuring that my deeds follow both. Each piece must learn its part individually, practice it and keep practicing it before they can come together as one in perfect balance and harmony.

A little deep for 2nd day of the year I know, but I am intent on making some personal changes this year. Maybe because I am turning the BIG 40, but mostly because I want a year and life marked by happiness. Not just for me but for my friends and family , and according to my dh that all starts with me. So here are a few things that make me happy, in particular order( lol)...I went with 11 since it is 2011
1. A clean house
2. family dinners at the dinner table
3. time to scrap or create daily
4. one on one special time with my girls
5. bubble baths with candles, quiet music and brown sugar scrub
6. photography
7. family traditions
8. sunny days, all the windows open and the stereo blasting
9. having an occasion to get a new outfit and wear it, even if it is just shorts and a tshirt, new shoes are a big plus as well
10. Gain detergent with Febreeze and Downy
11. Hometown tourisitng....picking a place in our home are that is a touristy area...then going and playing tourist for a day or two.

A few more quotes---

Variety is the condition of harmony.

Harmony is the temporary condition of bliss that remains when there is nothing left to argue about.

Perfect harmony of body and mind are my key to personal balance and happiness.

A family in harmony will prosper in all things. ( I am actually thinking of cutting this out in vinyl and putting it on the wall in my living room)

Hope you are enjoying your new year.

Took my first picture for the first day of Project 365.... it was going to be a picture from our New Years Eve party, but when I got home both of my girls were wearing the jammies grandma made I snapped a quick shot, nd they even smiled for me. Not usre what todays is going to be yet... the girls are at lazer tag and I am at work, so we will see what tonight brings.

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