Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week in review Wednesday...

Project 365 is really going well. I love having a buddy to help keep me on track. I have even convinced a fried at work to give this a try...Go for it Kami, you will not regret it.

Day 11-- finally out of my phone( thanks to Ashley) is Amanda bagging groceries at Sweetbay...good practice for a future job. I may have to show this picture to some grocery store

Day 12-
Amanda and mom having a final fitting for her guard costume. Thanks for making this mom!
Day 13- A positive behavior note from Kimmy's 2nd grade teacher. She adores him so this really means alot to her.
day 14- yep he did it. I should know better than to let him out of the house to visit Casey. Dan is loving his new 60 inch baby, with internet and Netflix already in the tv.

Day 15- Amanda smiling from ear to ear with pure happiness after completing her first guard competition and she had no drops!

Day 16- I scream, You scream we all scream for Ice cream....yes even in January!....we do live in Florida remember.
Day 17- came home from work to Kimmy asking me if she was old enough to start shaving her legs......after telling her that it would be soon, she said oops....she had already done it.
Day 19- Kimmy made Safety Patrol...she is loving wearing her florescent yellow belt.

Off to wake up Amanda, she has been asleep since ten last night......cold cold go away please!

Also need to finish up some laundry and get started on the baked ziti for dinner tonight.
Stay tuned tomorrow for some layouts and Thanksday.


  1. Love the week in review in photos! And, um, ice cream in January? I love ice cream trucks but you couldn't PAY me to go out for that around here these days! ;-)

  2. Loving all the photos! Great job keeping up with P365!