Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little late....

but better than not at all......right??? This is the layout I did for the Sassy Lil Sketch sketch last week. I finished it ontime but forgot to upload it to their link.....oops.

Also, It is already Tuesday and that means I missed Meal Plan Monday... probably because we are not going to be home for dinner most of the week.
Monday...everyone fend for yourself....everyone was someplace apart.
Tuesday.... Amanda is cooking Pork Chops
Wednesday...Chicken Fried Rice and egg rolls
Thursday... Dan is cooking
Friday...Pulled Pork sandwiches at the Will Mclean Festival.
Saturday.....depends on what we decide to do, if we are home I will make Kimmy a meatloaf and mashed potatoes....she has been begging for this all week.

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