Thursday, March 3, 2011

Findings on Friday.....

Since it is Friday I thought I would do a little recap of some of my faves from this week.
The first is this layout By Brooke which was layout of the week over at Studio Calico.

Next is this one By Kinsey Wilson-- I love the way she cut hte paper and turned it into flowers, and I am so stealing htis title!

LISTENING: telephones ringing and the normal ICU commotion
EATING: Subway Italian BMT on wheat
DRINKING: Cherry coke....they were out of Dr. Pepper and diet Dr. hoo
WEARING: old scrubs... I so need to get some new ones.
FEELING: content
WANTING: to be scrapbooking
NEEDING: to do laundry when I get home
THINKING: about Amanda's guard competition at Jefferson tomorrow
WONDERING: if Kimmy is having a good time with daddy at the fishing expo
WEATHER-- PERFECT!!!!!!!! Mid-upper 70's, blue sky and a light breeze

Here is a catch-up on my project 365. Still going strong.

Day 63-- Amanda after her FBS concert band performance. Straight excellent on performance, straight superior on sight reading. Day 62-- Strawberry smoothies...awesome afternoon snack.
Day 61- Amandas gotta a new bag. Her other backpack broke.
Day 60- The crew walking home from school...actually missed Kimmy in the picture because she walked up to take Mollie for a walk.
Day 59- Chillin in mom's bed, playing on Guffins....just chillin out before bed.
Day 58- Happy good eats...Kimmy and her Gingerbread chocolate chip cookie. She gave him a heart.
Day 57-- Only the best place to get a cuban. Picked one up on our way to get a new stove.

Day 55- Amanda immediately after having 4 teeth pulled. So sorry baby...but one day you will be happy about this.

Day 56- Dan being Dan....yeah I am taking a picture of you...what you gonna do about it????Day 54- You have to love depositing a check at 6am...being able to do this via ATM makes life so much easier.
Day 53---Dan bought me a new scratch-off ticket. Took me almost 20 minutes to scratch it and find out I won $10.00.
Day 52- loving my new paper racks for scrapbooking. Dan even helped me put them up. Now he wants me to fill them up.... He does not know what he is here I come!
Day 51-- Kimmy made daddy peanut butter cookies all by herslef.

Day 50- 2nd place again at Plant City High. So proud of you girls...keep up the good work!Day 49--- Amanda and Hannah..Hannah spent the night.

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