Friday, July 16, 2010


that is the title of my new favorite song, and it just so happens to be how I am feeling today. I can not believe it is Friday already. What happened to this week. I had so much to do and I feel like I accomlished nothing at all!

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring me better luck as I have a long to-do list and need to get it finished.

One good thing did happen today so far... I am a self confessed blog stalker ( I have over 400 on my bloglines that I follow) but I have never done a blog hop, not sure why. Until today that is, I actually did one and had a blst. So much fantastic inspiration along the way...I can't wait to do another! I am sure I will be doing from this point forward. If you are a routine blog hopper or not you need to che3ck out this one over at My Mind's Eye, it is for their one year birthday and you will have a great time.

a little about today...

listening: to alarms beeping and nurses blabbering ( I am work)
eating: a turkey sub from Subway
drinking: diet coke
wearing: my favorite bacl and white confy scrubs
feeling: like I have way to much on my plate right now...overwhelmed
weather: HOT!!!!!!!
wanting: a few more hands to help me out
needing: to find some creative mojo and energy
thinking: I need to manage my time better
ejoying: Amanda's almost perfect FCAT score
wondering: if Kimmy is having a good time at grandma and granpa's for the 2nd day

Here' to hoping I will be back later today with some photos and layouts, but I am not holding my breath. Will definetly be back by the end of the weekend.

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