Monday, January 11, 2010

Project 2010 days 9,10,11

Day 11
Today is back to school day , so I grabbed a shot of Amanda getting ready for school.

Day 10
Kimberly went with mom and dad up to Dunellon to see one of the last Sunday Samplers...the band playing was Patchwork. Kimmy walked the tracks and picked up some old railroad ties.

Day 9
Florida had a blast of arctic air, we had some sleet and snow flurries in the morning...Kimmy caught this piece of ice in a box after it rolled off our roof. The high today was 38!

I did manage to finish 4 layouts and a card yesterday, but did not get anything uploaded. Maybe by Wednesday. It is a lovely 15 degrees out right now and I need to head off to work. Atleast Dan went and warmed up my van for me.

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