Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tackeling Tuesday....

I cannot believe another week has gotten away from me. I had a fabulous Valentine's day yesterday. My dear hubby went out and bought me a sub from my favorite cheesesteak place and brought it to work to eat lunch with me. Then, our census dropped and I got to go home early.....had to work on Kimmy's science project with her so this was a good thing. Went to a quick little guard parent meeting about finals and then to an impromptu dinner at Texas Roadhouse. They felt like it took them to long to get us our appetizers( we did not, and did not complain or anything) so they took them off our bill. Then home and up till midnight finishing Kimmy's project...but it looks good.

Thought the phone might ring this moprning and I would get cancelled, but no such luck. So here I sit, at work, blogging away. I so wish I could upload my photos from here. Need to remeber to put them in my online picasa so I can do this.

I finished a few layouts this week and will be sharing tomorrow and Thursday. If you have not already...make sure you check out the sketch-a-thon going on over at My Sketch World. They have tons of awesome sketches u p and you have until March 3rd to get them finished and uploaded.

Jess has posted some awesome new prompts for the bloggers of A Cherry On Top....make sure you head over and check them out.

Tune in tommorow for week in review, layouts, and maybe a few other random things.

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