Monday, January 9, 2012

Manic Monday

That was today.
Girls went back to school.
Had to teach some classes today.
Do not know what happened to the rest of the day.
Do you ever have days like that?
Weekend was great.
Still adjusting to working a real schedule.
I have been consistent(my OLW 2012).
In making my girls do their chores.
In getting the house in order.
In my Capture my 365.
In my scrapping. 
Finished another layout.
Have my whole first week of CM365 done.
In the album.
Here is the last few days.
Took the weekend off from the computer. 
 January 6
                                                                     January 7

                                                                     January 8
January 9
I need to learn to slow down.
When I am taking my pictures. 
I know the girls do not always want to have a photo taken.
So I try to hurry.
But I am getting blurry images. 
I need to slow down. 
They will enjoy the extra second some day.

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