Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy Hump Day...

Woke to an icy day. 
20 degrees. 
In Florida.
My little piggys have been chillly all day.
The day came and almost went and I still did not have a picture for today.
Nothing was inspiring me. 
I took a long hot bath.
I walked out to find one daughter making homemade chocolate kisses.
The other all wrapped up in a blanket with hot coccoa.
Watching her favorite movie/musical.
Mama Mia!----
Inspiration and opportunity was all around.
I took 42 pictures.
Thats what we photogs do.
I decided on one that may not show exactly what was happening.
But her personality is shining. 

January 4
How are you doing on your 365?
Have you started? 
Are you behind? 
Do you already feel overwhelmed?
And take a photo. 
You can start anytime you want.
Every photo captures a moment....
A moment that only happens once.
A photo does not have to be perfect,
to be wonderful.
My photo for today is far from even good.
But to me it is...fabulous.
It captures a moment in her life. 
A little bit of who she is.
It shows our real life.
This is why I am doing Capture my 365/Project Life.


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